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The new service that certifies the Italian character of companies based on a specification of Il Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with leading certification authorities


Recognizing, attributing value and giving visibility to companies that embody and represent the values of Italianness: search for quality, style, attention to detail and creativity; promote the development of Italian production chains and their competitiveness.

To whom it is addressed

Italian manufacturing companies that want to obtain a distinctive positioning on the domestic and foreign markets.


Recognition of corporate values and access to new business opportunities through the use of the brand of all the visibility tools of the Sole24Ore Group, Confindustria and the other partners of the Initiative.

How it works

The three-step process:

1. Verification

The independent certification body starts the assessment based on the parameters set out in the Sole 24 Ore Regulations

2. Certification

Once the assessment has been passed, the certificate is issued and from that moment on you can use the ItalyX brand

3. Activation

You will then have access to the visibility tools and components prepared by Il Sole 24 ore and Confindustria

Enter Italyx

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